Registration for
Sound System Workshop: Las Vegas
Now Open

Registration for
Sound System Training: Las Vegas
Now Open

Your Church-Focused Audio/Video & Technology Partner.


From sound systems, video, and lighting to websites and computer networks:  Lumenos will help you find the best solutions to fit your ministry.


You've got good equipment, but someone needs to know how to run it... Lumenos will train staff members and volunteers on the principals and methods of operating your church tech systems.  And we'll continue to follow up to make sure new team members have the same training as existing team members.


Lumenos will help you get your equipment set up and running, and we'll even be available to help keep your systems in top shape.

What makes Lumenos different?

Lumenos was formed out of a desire to provide professional Audio/Video solutions to ministries and churches with a mindfulness of ministry budgets.

With over 20 years of experience in both fields of ministry and professional Audio/Video/Lighting/Control Systems, Lumenos understands the mission of the church and is here to help facilitate the mission.

Have questions?

We'd love to hear more from you about how we can work together.